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“Russian Gusto” is a festival that gives life to New Russian cuisine. It is born at the crossing of culinary traditions, innovations of the modern world and the trends of healthy lifestyle. The festival demonstrates farm products of the Moscow Region and skills of haute cuisine professionals.

Video report from the festival
“Russian Gusto — 2014”

The main event of the festival are the master classes of famous Russian chefs and foreign
Top Michelin Star Chefs

Chefs cook using local products of the Moscow Region
that are sold right there on the farm fair.

The Festival’s concept is based on the ideology of the eco-gastronomic organization
Slow Food International, that supports farming and local products worldwide for more than 25 years.

Not only adults, but also children have fun at the festival: a large zone in the center of the festival area is dedicated to a maze of sensations, a petting zoo, a mirror tree.
It’s a true holiday!

The business program of the festival

“Russian food Forum”

The forum organized by the publishing house “Kommersant” is a series of business events dedicated to the cooperation between the government, producers and consumers of agricultural products.



Scientific-practical Conference

The conference is dedicated to the development of local agricultural production and new look at the Russian cuisine. Among the speakers at the conference are Russian and international scientists, agricultural and gastronomic gurus, farmers and restaurateurs..



At the festival together with the charity project
“Dushevniy Bazar” we raised funds for several charities.

The interactive gastronomic map of the Moscow Region is a separate project, launched at the festival.


Video presentation of the interactive gastronomic map of the
Moscow Region

Sergey Nadejdin

senior producer

Sergey Didenko

director general

Victor Michaelson

head of the expert council

Marina Cherepanova

general manager of the project

Natalya Ribalchenko

curator of the project “Gastronomic map of the Moscow Region”

Ivan Vetrov

art director